Introducing Heurist

Heurist is a Layer 2 network for AI model hosting and inference, built upon ZK Stack.

Think of us as the HuggingFace of Web3. We provide serverless access to open-source AI models hosted by a decentralized network of computing resources. Our vision is to use blockchain to democratize AI, ensuring accessibility and unbiased innovation.

We believe that AI will onboard the next billion users to crypto. Open-source AI and crypto share core values of transparency, data ownership, and diversity. Heurist aims to facilitate a two-way onboarding process: empowering crypto enthusiasts to engage with AI through a permissionless mining network on their home PCs, and enabling AI model developers to access more compute resources, publicize their models, and earn revenue share.

By incubating Web3-native AI applications, Heurist enables people to access AI at low or even zero costs, demonstrating the tangible benefits of decentralized technologies. Our ecosystem cultivates a culture of innovation, collaboration, and inclusivity, bringing together the best of both worlds – AI and crypto – to create a future where cutting-edge technology is accessible to all.

About the name: Heurist (pronounciation: hyoo · ri · st)

Heuristics are part of how the human brain evolved and is wired, allowing individuals to quickly reach reasonable conclusions or solutions to complex problems.

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