ZK Hyperchain

Heurist is built upon the ZK Stack, an Ethereum Layer-2 solution that empowers the creation of sovereign hyperchains. This choice is pivotal in realizing our vision of democratizing AI.

Why ZK Stack?

1. Scalability and Affordability: ZK Stack supports horizontal scalability, allowing the Heurist network to grow boundlessly with minimal costs. This scalability directly translates into cheaper transaction fees, making decentralized AI more accessible and affordable for a broader audience.

2. Customizability for Specific Needs: The modular nature of the ZK Stack provides Heurist with the flexibility to tailor its own blockchain specifically for AI model hosting and inference. It allows for optimizations that cater to the unique demands of AI applications, such as low latency for real-time processing and data privacy.

3. Enhanced Security with ZK Proofs: Security is paramount in the Heurist ecosystem. ZK Stack ensures security of user assets using ZK Proofs, which are cryptographic guarantees of the Layer-2 network’s integrity.

4. Seamless Interoperability: Interconnectivity is offered by ZK Stack’s hyperbridges. It enables our platform to communicate natively with various blockchain networks. Applications and users from other ZK Stack hyperchains can seamlessly access the AI infrastructure on Heurist's hyperchain. Heurist Token will grow its liquidity and be traded on zkSync Era, utilizing the DeFi infrastructures in the liquidity hub of ZK Stack hyperchains.

5. Forward-Thinking Architecture: ZK Stack is not just a solution for today's needs but is also designed with the future in mind. Its architecture is poised to harness the full potential of ZK rollups, ensuring that Heurist remains at the forefront of blockchain and AI technology.

Unique Advantages for Heurist

Smooth UX: Heurist benefits from ZK Stack's native Account Abstraction, which enhances user experience with features like gasless transaction and Web2 identity login. This feature is particularly beneficial for onboarding Web2 users.

Cost-Effective Operations: ZK proofs drastically reduces the cost of certain recurring transactions, such as micro-payments and token issuing. It allows us to offer more cost-effective AI model hosting and inference services.

Sovereignity: Heurist Token holders have full control over the infrastructure and economics of Heurist hyperchain. Anyone can become sequencers to commit and verify transactions, and participate in protocol governance to decide on the future of Heurist ecosystem.

Hyperchain Configuration

This section is tentative and subject to changes. ZK Stack will launch its mainnet late 2024. We are working with Matter Labs to figure out the most suitable chain mode and data availability solution for Heurist hyperchain.

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